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Basic Forum Usage

The basics of using our forum

Posting Your First Thread

To post a thread you first have to pick the most relevant forum. If this is your first post, the best place

will probably be the introduction forum. SGReefers > General Reefkeeping > Post New Thread.

How do I View A Forum

To view a forum simply click on the title of a forum. This will bring you to a listing of all threads in that

forum. You have the option of a new thread in said forum by clicking the “Post New Thread” button in

the upper right hand corner.

How Do I Navigate Through The Forum

Clicking on the menu button will bring down a scroll list with a few options.

Clicking on forum tab will get you to the general threads section.

The SGReefers Team tab will show you a list of active mods. Feel free to pm any of us with any inquiries you have after reading the FAQ! :)

The Trade system tab will bring you to the trading dashboard which can be used to view statistics, and if you're signed in, preferences.

The FAQ is, as its name suggest, a list of questions and answers related to this forum in general.

Sticky Threads

Sticky threads will remain on top of lists. They function to display either rules and regulations, or important information at the top so that they are easier to view.

Creating Threads

A thread can be created by simply clicking on the create thread button. Take note that your account must be verified through your email before posting privileges will be given to you.
Any spam/unnecessary threads created will be removed by the moderators.

Member Information

The public page of other members of this forum can be accessed by clicking on their user name. You can follow other members and be updated with their daily activities, and trade ratings can be given to them through their page, thread or post.
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