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WTS Cabinett Clearance

Discussion in 'Equipment & Accessories' started by powderblue, May 20, 2019.

  1. powderblue

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    Nov 7, 2018
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    Cabinet Clearance! Below are first round of clearance. Will continue to update more items.

    Nopox ~70% left $12
    Seachem Reef Fusion 1 & 2 ~70% left $20
    Polylab reefroid 90% left $15
    Cupramine new $15
    Salifert Cu test kit new $20
    Salifert PO4 test kit use once $20

    Eheim Compact 600 $30
    Jebao SW2 (kept as spare comes with box) $40
    Nemolight 2 24W (kept as spare comes with box) $100
    Spectra Aqua Sunrise (comes with box) $80
    Hailea Chiller HS28a with external probe (kept as spare) $160
    Hailea Chiller HS28a without external probe $140
    External probe for Hailea (new) $12
    Kamoer dosing tube holder (holds 6 tubes) $15
    IM Minimax Reactor Midsize $90

    Coral Fix Glue new $5
    Ceramic Frag Plug 10 for $5

    Red Sea Coral Pro salt, selling loose by weight, can get what you need only.
    Aquaforest Stone Fix, selling loose by weight, can get what you need only.

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