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Account Menu

What Options Do I Have In Account Menu?

The account menu is your shortcut to:

• Edit your profile

• Add an avatar

• Change your preferences

• View your news feed

• Control your privacy options

• See what you have previously post

• Log Out – Why anyone would ever want to leave, I don't know. ;-)

What Are Alerts

Alerts are closely related to watched threads. Options are all customizable in Alert Preferences

By default, you will receive an alert on the top of the site near your account menu and Inbox links any time:

• Someone replies to a thread you've participated in

• Quotes one of your posts

• Likes your post

• Tags you in a post

• Comments on your profile

How Do I Set My Account Preferences

The preferences screen has some basic options for your account. From the preferences screen you can:

• Set your time zone

• Set watched threads behavior

• Enable/Disable viewing others signatures

• Chose whether or not to display your online status

How Do I Edit My Profile

Your profile is what other members and guests (to an extent) see about you. Think of it as a mini

business card. You profile is linked to every post or comment you make anywhere on SGReefers. If a

location is entered it will be displayed along side every one of your posts.

The options are self explanatory. Only share as much information as you feel comfortable with no one

is forced to divulge any information.

How Do I Add Or Modify My Avatar

Simply click Avatar from your Account Menu and browse for a picture to upload. Your best bet here is

a close up head shot but any image will do. The software will automatically resize your avatar.
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